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SESAME, in progress since Fall 2009
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As one of the co-founders of the Compass Project at UC Berkeley, Angela Little is committed to creating supportive communities where students from all backgrounds thrive in science.  In addition to building Compass from the ground up, she designed and implemented new courses and evaluated and researched the student experience within the organization. Angie, a Ph.D. candidate in Math and Science Education with a masters in physics, researches how students develop the skills necessary to be a professional physicist.  Angie also has extensive expertise in supporting first time instructors.  She spent three years designing and teaching a new class for the Cal Teach program for STEM undergraduates interested in high school teaching. She also developed pedagogy workshops for science graduate students in two contexts: as first-time TAs and Compass instructors.  In 2011, Angie was elected to the APS Forum on Education and will continue her work improving STEM education both locally and nationally.