Anna Zarkh   Anna Zarkh

annazarkh *at* berkeley *dot* edu
SESAME, in progress since Fall 2014

I am a PhD student in the SESAME program as of the fall semester of 2014. Prior to coming to Berkeley, I have spent ten years of my life alternating between teaching and learning mathematics. I hold an MA degree in pure mathematics from Bar Ilan University in Israel, and a teaching certificate in mathematics from Tel Aviv University. During my teaching career I have taught high school level mathematics to adults and college level mathematics to high school students. For a very short while I taught middle school mathematics to middle school students in Slovakia.

When I have breaks from work and school (and I try to arrange those from time to time) I enjoy going on long hiking trips in different corners of the world.

Research interests:

I am interested in how people interact with mathematics, mathematical sense making, cognition and in particular representations.