Evie Baldinger

evra *at* berkeley *dot* edu
EMST, in progress since Fall 2010
Advisor: Alan Schoenfeld & Randi Engle

I am a fourth-year Ph.D. student in the Education in Math, Science and Technology program at the Graduate School of Education at UC Berkeley. I hold a BA degree in Theater Arts and a BS degree in Physics from UC Santa Cruz and an MA in eduction from UC Berkeley. I taught math, science, and dance in middle and high schools in the Bay Area, primarily in San Francisco, for 11 years. I was a managing editor and author for CPM’s Algebra Connections, Algebra 2 Connections, and Making Connections courses. I have worked with teachers in a variety of settings: leading workshops for CPM courses, teaching sections of courses in the Stanford Teacher Education Program for pre-service math teachers, designing and presenting workshops for math education conferences, as a Cooperating Teacher, and co-designing and implementing a professional development program for math teachers in San Francisco about Complex Instruction.

Research Interests:
I am interested in teacher collaboration and learning as teachers work to make sense of the challenges of urban teaching and of striving for equitable access and outcomes for students. I am also interested in issues of race, positioning, and power as they impact students in schools.