Fady El Chidiac   Fady El Chidiac

fadisj *at* gmail *dot* com
SESAME, in progress since Fall 2011
Advisors: Alan Schoenfeld & Dor Abrahamson

Master in Mathematics at University Saint Joseph, Lebanon (2003).
Master in Philosophy at University of London, UK (2007).
Master in Theology at Santa Clara University, CA (2011).
After collecting all the above credentials, it was time to dig deeper in some field. My teaching experience at College Notre Dame de Jamhour, Lebanon played a crucial role in picking Math education for an advanced research program. And here I am in my first year at the Graduate Group in Science and Mathematics Education (SESAME), where my multi-tiered cultural and academic backgrounds make sense.

Research Interests:
I am primarily interested in exploring ways that improve teachers’ performances in classroom.